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Mission Statement

The Urology Boot Camp program aims to improve patient safety, patient care, education, and research through innovations in immersive and simulation-based learning techniques and tools by embedding them within Europe aimed at 1st-year urology residents. Furthermore, the goal is to promote interprofessional simulation education with a special focus on non-technical skills and training activities for learners and faculty to augment proficiency and strengthen collective practice across the continuum of care. The Urology Boot Camp is the first step of ESU's Standardization of Surgical Education (SiSE) Program

Vision, Education and Training

Standardise and improve the education and training of first-year urology residents throughout the European School of Urology (ESU).


Use validated techniques for explicit assessment/testing of skills, knowledge, and performance of residents.



Promote, support and conduct fundamental research in simulation-based education.



Provide Immersive Learning


Improve the clinical skills (both “technical” and “non-technical”) of first-year urology residents across the ESU.



Faculty Development


Recruit, train, and sustain faculty to become effective educators by facilitating a “Train the Trainer” course regularly.





Promote infrastructure and procedures that effectively coordinate and integrate the country's priorities, activities, and resources among its constituent units and within the national association to facilitate effective delivery of the urology Bootcamp.

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